Coaching Programs

The Team Tennis philosophy to coaching tennis is based around maximising the players’ potential by monitoring each stage of their tennis development.

The key ingredient is the close supervision of the player in assessing the appropriate time to move on to the next level – so as to prepare young players to play real Tennis as soon as possible. This program can equally be adapted to junior and senior tennis players.

Junior Coaching Programs

Coaching begins with the Super Kids Club, a fun and rewarding program with special training aids for developing the young player’s technique. Players also develop the hand – eye co ordination, spatial skills, judgemental skills and muscular familiarisation vital for all ball sports.

The Young Tigers program is the next step in the child’s Tennis-excellence development. Here talented youngsters develop further technical skills but are introduced to simple competitive situations in a fun and rewarding way.

Players are then enrolled into Pre Competition and Competition programs with the unique Train/play format. Here players spend equal time on improving their stroke production and learning how to play the game. In Train/Play sessions matchplay situations and specially designed games are structured honing tactical and competitive skills.

For gifted players wishing to play tennis at the top level there is our International Tennis Training Program , incorporating comprehensive off-court fitness and strength training and psychological preparation. Players can work once a week with Team Tennis’ highly trained coaches or enroll in the full 5 day coaching and tournament package to maximise their improvement.

Contact Team Tennis and we will be happy to book in a time slot for a group or private lesson to suit your schedule.